Making evanescence immortal

Moments of life changes arrive without transition. We know exactly: what has commenced, will end sooner or later. We may even prepare for it consciously, yet, why are we wavering on the edge of farewell? It would be a philosophic adventure to analyze what the word “pension” means for different persons. Or formulating more gently: abandon what we have built up, to what we have contributed something every dayo, what has been the center of our thoughts for decades and in what we have got unvittingly engaged forever.
While brain, body and intellect work together, we think that anything is possible but you cannot burn at the same temperature for long decades. One of most important things is that you know when to pull back. Before your capabilities abate, before your decisions become unsure, when you can feel that you are tired of every-day routines.
Colleagues give you a hug on leave-taking: they wish you to enjoy novelties you face now in your life and find delight and content in each second of the life starting for you now. Yet, what will be on the next day? Will we find a new activity? Will we go on with the old one – with another intensity? Will the next generation accept it with joy at all?
This is an unanswered question for me for the time being. It might be individual for each person. Each person believes in a different solution. Either in immediate sharp cutting avoiding any pain or in backing out step by step. Does it hurt? Is it a relief? A flurry of excitement? Some distress? But maybe we all have the same feelings but just communicate them differently.
I have recently purchased a little table. With a round glass plate and wrought-iron flowers as legs. I plan to take it and my laptop to garden every day and write the whole day after the date of my retirement. A journalist friend of mine formulated a little bit morbid axiom for himself thinking that this applies to all writers: a writer has to die next to her/his laptop, striking keys till her/his last breath while reporting on feelings of leaving, on the experience made between both worlds, thus making evanescence immortal.
I think that stop is difficult for businessmen too. For persons who have created a corporate empire, whose instructions have been awaited by hundreds of people, who have shared their knowledge with their employees, have been responsible for making living for hundreds of workers, who have found their daily rest of some hours idle time, who have shaped the changes of the society and whose passions have met the world’s needs.
Technical experts know that a problem shall not be made complex; the simplest solution is always the most elegant one. Instead of a wise answer, I quote Bernard Shaw: „This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”
We talked to Mr. Karsai Béla about backing out and his life lived with work and great achievements. You can find this interview with a lot of other useful and interesting information in our October issue.
Read us – It is worth again!
J. Mező Éva

Current Issue content – Volume 3, Issue 10.szám

V4 countries cooperate in the field of export credit and credit insurance, too

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 292

Budapest University of Technology and Economics among the top 800 universities of the world

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 292

Toray to build a mixing plant in Hungary

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 292

Magnus Aircraft builds an aircraft factory in Pécs

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 293

Mercedes Benz establishes a training center

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 293

SMR creates more than 400 workplaces in Túrkeve

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 293

Karsai Béla has never had a comfortable manager swivel chair with back-rest

Karsai Béla resigned from company management but does not reckon with a resting period in his life. What happens actually? Completion or transformation of a successful career or start of his life in a new arrangement? His high state award also confirms that he is at an important milestone of his life.

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 294

New managing director at Karsai Holding

1 July, Karsai Műanyagtechnika Holding Zrt. has a new managing director. Karsai Béla transferred the management of the group consisting of eight members to his cousin, Ms. Csonka Krisztina

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 296

Accuracy and complexity of our machines help development of the Hungarian plastics industry

Since 1 January 2017, ARBURG Hungária Kft. has a new managing director. Csizmadi László as professional has been known for the German machine building and distributing company for some years. He has been working in the environment of machines for more than ten years, however, the way of thinking experienced with the family-owned company ARBURG opened up a new dimension for him. He has recognized that people working there are committed for this company for life and based on this loyalty and experience obtained so during decades, the enterprise could develop into a market leading sound company.

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 298

Major polymer manufacturers and distributors of Central Europe tested the arrangement ‘business rendezvous’

Featured guest of the I. Central European Plastics Meeting was Russia. 80 companies from Hungary and Central Europe delegated representatives to this meeting in Siófok where about 600 negotiations were performed within B2B meetings.

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 300

Continual developments at the Wittmann-Battenfeld group

Successive change, innovation, solutions for the future. This is the corporate philosophy of the Wittmann Battenfeld group and we had the opportunity to see its practical implementation in the group’s plant in Mosonmagyaróvár. Bocskor Imre, elected recently as Director of the company’s sales office in Hungary, outlined the latest development on the symposium. The Austrian owner, President-Director Dr. Werner Wittman also attended this event.

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 303

The government helps SMEs going public with a fund of 20 billion HUF

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 305

Automotive Hungary

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 306

Rising prices for polyolefin and decreasing PS prices in October

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 308

Consideration of fiber orientation in non-linear strength tests

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 310

FANUC provides more efficient customer service

FANUC Europe Corporation, one of leading manufacturers of CNC control systems and plant automation systems of robots and manufacturing machines in the world, announced its latest strategic measures: centralization of product customizing and logistics for Europe in a new center in Contern/Luxembourg (CDC) in order to provide delivery times even shorter than until now. Interview with Director of the European Supply Chain, Andrea Scammacca.

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 312

Crastin® HR second generation

The second generation of hydrolysis-stabilized DuPont™ Crastin® PBT provides an excellent combination of mechanical properties, resistance to hydrolysis, processability and high CTI value. All these properties make it as an ideal candidate in design and production of electric and electronic connectors.

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 314
Dobrovszky, Károly

Improving the mechanical properties of polyethylene by blending

In this research, morphology and mechanical properties of ternary polymer blends were investigated through improving compatibility of immiscible plastics in order to create a base material with higher toughness. Adding polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) to high-density polyethylene (HDPE) when blending, tensile strength and Young’s modulus improved, however, the values of elongation at break decreased. Because of the miscibility problem, a coupling agent (SEBS-g-MA) was added to the blend in order to improve the adhesion between phases, so achieving better impact properties. Based on the results, it can be stated that tensile strength and Young’s modulus of the blend were increased without significantly reducing impact strength as compared to the values of neat HDPE.

Polimerek 2017, 3(10.szám), 316