Christmas angels

She turned away from the mirror. Actually, she did not understand why she has been standing in front of it for a long time; the view did not appeal her at all. Her mind overcame the false charm of beauty long ago. Strange face, strange movement, a woman turned grey – not the image she preserved of herself in her mind.
Yet, today was everything somehow different. Even the world over the mirror became gentle, cardinals gained sense, her soul has got some relief. Although being tired, she felt happy and secure after a long period of time. There were times when she was loved and also able to return love unthinkingly. But the world changed drastically. Forced out of light, abandoned and unemployed, notions and feeling completely new for her became commonplace, and all they are synonyms of unbelievable, unacceptable and inapprehensible. The day was not nice either when she discovered that the society regarded her as worn out. The woman who used to handle thousands of fonts, counts pennies now when shopping and applies for credit and, at the end, it is over, too. At home, there is no light any more, stove has not radiated warm for a long time, service providers switched off gas and electricity.
What happened gives her no rest. Alone she brings up her son who shares her life in this limited world without being asked. She thinks to have to give him account of all this, but she is weak to do so, the right words roll always away like flat pebbles at the beach. She blames herself. She had dreamed to provide him rich and cheerful life with many adventures and experiences – but her soul collapsed. She accepted all sins and responsibilities of her past; now, there is one single beauty for her: truth that never ceases.
She took her diary and began to write: „Only love can transcend the world’s rigidity.”  She wanted to go on, but did not know how. Words turned colorless and gained a sense different from her actual feelings, everything on the paper seemed to be powerless and tired.
She imagined that an angel came to Earth to perform miracles for her at Christmas. A fairy tale developed in order to regain her faith and power. A close friend recognized her unsaid poverty, closed accurately in herself until now, and mobilized everybody he could reach. Artist, senior physician, director, functionary, craftsman, women and men preparing to Christmas made phone calls, provided money and sought for help to get light and warm in her home and emergency aid for Christmas Eve. No obstacles existed for them. They did not care that life stopped on the day before Christmas, Christmas preparations were going on everywhere in the country. Unbelievable turned into believable within some hours.
Now, with love she is watching her son read a book again in the warm room lit by lamp after four miserable years.
What a gift!
She re-opened her diary and continued: „Lord knows which cross to assign you to bear.” These are already words of acceptance, including also infinite will and the recognition that all our crosses are splinters that can be taken back by Lord any time.
Now, she saw the holiday this way. She saw that people cared for each other. She saw altruism. She saw personalized solace.    

I wish all our readers merry Christmas full with blessing and happiness and have a successful new year!

J. Mező Éva Editor-in-Chief

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